Case unveils the Minotaur - Lawn & Landscape

This new product offering is the company’s first compact dozer loader.

Case Construction Equipment unveiled its latest machine — the Case Minotaur DL550 compact dozer loader during a product launch event at Case’s Tomahawk Customer Center. The Minotaur is an equipment category first for Case.  Excavator Idler

The Minotaur is now rolling off the assembly line at Case’s Wichita, Kansas, manufacturing facility. The product launch represents more than six years of development and collaboration between numerous Case plants, personnel, testing facilities and departments.

“The Minotaur has the potential to be the first machine on the jobsite and the last to leave,” says Jeff Jacobsmeyer, product manager for Case, of the machine’s versatility.

Weighing in at more than 18,000 pounds and working with 114 horsepower, the new machine delivers dozing and grading performance, as well as site loading capabilities and compatibility with hundreds of attachments.

“Our main motivation was to have a machine that was a compact design with versatility. So, a smaller footprint with all the extra power,” Jacobsmeyer says.

The advancement of the Case Minotaur DL550 is the chassis-integrated C-frame with six-way dozer blade. The C-frame hydraulically couples into both the chassis of the machine, as well as the attachment coupler. This design provides the stability and smooth operating plane of a small dozer while ensuring that all operating power is channeled through the whole body of the machine. This establishes greater performance and long-term reliability than the simple combination of a dozer blade attachment to a traditional compact track loader.

It also comes standard with Case Universal Machine Control, which makes the machine ready for any of the major three providers of machine control technology (Leica Geosystems, Topcon and Trimble), which are sold separately. It’s also available with an optional, fully integrated ripper for tearing up tough terrain to simplify dozing and earthmoving operations.  

The C-frame is then detached to allow the operator to use it as a loader with a heavy-duty 1.25-cubic-yard bucket or with hundreds of common loader attachments many equipment owners already have in their fleet.

“Customer productivity and customer efficiency were what we really set out to accomplish,” says Terry Dolan, vice president of Case North America. “At the end of the day, everything we produce is to enable a contractor to do and perform their jobs more effectively and have increased productivity.

“If you think of the challenges we have in the labor market, to be able to utilize a single machine for a lot more different jobs while utilizing a single operator for that is beneficial,” he adds.

Dolan and Jacobsmeyer say customer feedback was essential during the process of brining the Minotaur to life. The compact dozer loader holds 29 patents and has pushed through more than 10,000 hours of field tests, in addition to countless customer clinics and typical lab and engineering testing.

Built on a dozer-style undercarriage and pushing with more than 25,000 pounds of drawbar pull, the machine is available with three different track options to meet operator preference and jobsite profiles:

The 90- or 96-inch six-way blade connected to the integrated C-frame is the same blade featured on the Case 650M dozer and gives the operator a full range of dozer controls and movements. The machine’s electro-hydraulic controls also deliver responsiveness like full-sized Case dozers, with the ability to adjust blade, steering and shuttle sensitivity to smooth, moderate or aggressive to meet the operator’s preference. Blade responsiveness can be further dialed in to operator preference by independently setting the speed of the blade tilt, lift and angle.  

The fully-integrated rear ripper is easily controlled from within the cab — it comes standard with three shanks and can be expanded to five shanks for more aggressive ripping. The rear ripper feature must be selected when ordering as it cannot be added after the time of purchase.

“When you see the Minotaur you might see it as a large CTL, but it’s when you experience it that you recognize it’s not a compact track loader. It truly is a dozer first,” Dolan said. “For those landscaping contractors doing commercial and residential work, to be able to put a full-size dozer blade on here, and not just a blade attachment, enables them to have the pushing power to do land clearing. And then has the ability to go to precision grading. I think landscaping contractors will be ideal for this.”

In its loader configuration, the Case Minotaur DL550 features a 5,500-pound rated operating capacity (50% of tipping load) with 12,907 pounds of breakout force. It features a vertical lift pattern and operates in the ISO control pattern. It also features advanced electro-hydraulic control capabilities where operators can easily dial in total machine responsiveness to low, moderate or aggressive; or independently set tilt, lift and drive speed, as well as loader arm and drive control to best meet the demands of the work.

Case builds the machine standard from the factory with enhanced high-flow auxiliary hydraulics for running the most demanding and high-powered attachments — such as mulching heads and cold planers. Minotaur’s enhanced high-flow hydraulics can deliver up to 41.6 GPM at 4,100 psi via the ¾-inch hydraulic quick couplers.  

The machine also allows operators to harness all that power with “Hydraulics on Demand,” where the operator can select the percentage of auxiliary hydraulic flow to the attachment via the machine’s multi-function display. This allows the operator to dial in attachment performance to their preference or the recommendation of the attachment manufacturer — ensuring both effective and proper operation of the attachment.

The Minotaur also comes with Case SiteConnect Module — a device that improves the volume, flow and integration of data to the Case SiteWatch telematics platform for real-time monitoring and management of maintenance and service intervals, as well as the analysis of equipment utilization and performance. 

It’s also the foundation from which Case has made the collaborative fleet management and remote diagnostics of compact equipment a reality. This enhanced connectivity allows the machine owner to share — with permission — real-time machine information with their Case dealer and the Case Uptime Center in Racine, Wis.  

Case achieves these remote service capabilities through the Case SiteManager App (iOS and Android). This app pairs the operator’s phone or device to the machine to enable remote analysis by a certified Case technician, which allows them to diagnose the health of each connected machine through various parameter readings and fault codes. The technician decides as to whether the issue can be addressed remotely – such as clearing codes or updating software – or if it requires a trip to the machine.

And in the case of a service need, the Case Minotaur DL550 is built for ease of service with groundline access to grouped service points and checks like every machine in the Case lineup. Service intervals and machine operating information are easily accessed in the machine’s eight-inch LCD display in the cab.

To celebrate the launch of the machine, Case is launching a tour of the United States and Canada with more than 30 stops where the machine will be showcased at Case dealer locations.

For more information on the Case Minotaur DL550 compact dozer loader, contact your local Case dealer, and learn more at

The Excavator Drum Mulcher DC Pro X and Boom Drum Mulcher are the next innovations to be rolled out in Diamond Mowers’ expanding portfolio of mulching attachments.

Diamond Mowers, a manufacturer of industrial mowing, mulching and brush cutting equipment for the municipal, skid-steer and excavator markets, has introduced a pair of new mulching heads specifically for use with midi excavators and tractors, respectively. The Excavator Drum Mulcher DC Pro X and Boom Drum Mulcher are the next innovations to be rolled out in Diamond Mowers’ expanding portfolio of mulching attachments.

“These additions bring new and improved performance features to the forefront of vegetation management,” said Dan Stachel, executive vice president of Diamond Mowers. “Engineered for heavy-duty mulching applications, these game-changing products promise to optimize productivity, diversify work opportunities and create new revenue streams.”

In conjunction with the introduction of these new attachments, Diamond Mowers has extended its warranty to two years across all of its drum products. Additionally, customers have access to Diamond’s customer service resources, including an experienced team of customer care experts, a dedicated parts team readily available to address any needs that may arise and a 72-hour parts shipping guarantee on most common components.

“We have so much confidence in our drum offerings that we wanted to share that confidence to our customers as well,” explained Stachel. “This extended warranty not only applies to our newest attachments but to our entire drum portfolio, including those currently in the field furthering our commitment to being the best partner in this industry.

The new Excavator Drum Mulcher increases the versatility of any midi-excavator while delivering more productivity per pass. Ideal for tackling mulching or brush clearing with power and precision, this efficient solution effectively cuts back and processes unwanted vegetation, making it ideal for land clearing, vegetation management, and utility and roadside maintenance.

Offered in two widths (30” and 50”) to accommodate excavator carriers from 4.5 to 10 metric tons, the Excavator Drum Mulcher comes equipped with a Rexroth 63cc adjustable displacement hydraulic motor that provides impressive torque to power through material up to 8” in diameter. The motor is protected by a chassis designed to help withstand crutching loads up to 10 metric tons. Severe-duty bearings – rated to 77,000 lbs. and protected by a labyrinth design and triple steel ring seals – offer additional strength, while an abrasion-resistant AR 400 liner minimizes wear from debris. Oversized, serrated skid shoes hang off the sides of the attachment head to control, position and manipulate downed material for more effective material processing.

Differentiating the Excavator Drum Mulcher in the marketplace is its optimized infeed system. The forward drum exposure allows for optimum tree engagement and feeds materials from left to right as it sweeps the ground for greater productivity per pass. Material is thoroughly processed in the chamber, producing an aesthetically desirable chip size without the need for reprocessing. Additionally, a bolt-on door on the attachment’s backside holds chips and controls thrown debris, making it a great choice for working near roads and in densely populated areas. The door can be easily removed for maximum production when the situation warrants.

“Featuring a larger hydraulic motor, better motor protection, and an optimized cut width relative to weight, this new attachment offers a significant advantage in the marketplace,” Stachel said.

Featuring an unobtrusive design that optimizes visibility, Diamond Mowers’ new Boom Drum Mulcher is a must-have addition for any municipal fleet faced with cutting, processing and eliminating woody materials from areas that are unreachable with a skid-steer or excavator. This new boom head offers the same performance and benefits as the Excavator Drum Mulcher, including a hydraulic motor, optimized infeed system and removeable bolt-on door for controlling and containing debris.

“Historically, a rotary head has been the go-to for maintaining fence lines, bridges, and overpasses, but the open design of those attachments typically leaves branches strewn on the ground, creating a two-step process requiring two different tool heads,” Stachel noted. “Our new Boom Drum Mulcher can reach, cut, process, and eliminate material with one attachment, one pass, and one operator.”

Adding to its appeal, the Boom Drum Mulcher features Diamond Mowers’ Q-Connect system, which allows users to interchange boom heads for tackling different applications. Featuring a combination of specially designed bolts and clips compatible across all Diamond Mowers’ boom attachments, this revolutionary connection system enables a single operator to switch attachment heads easily and quickly, resulting in decreased downtime and increased productivity and asset utilization. 

“Swapping out attachment heads typically requires a minimum of two people and at least one hour to complete,” explained Stachel. “With our Q-Connect system, a single operator can go from mowing to mulching in as little as ten minutes.”

Both the Excavator Drum Mulcher and the Boom Drum Mulcher are engineered for more than 2,000 hours of annual use. The units come standard with Twin Chisel Planer Teeth but are compatible with any of Diamond’s three tooth options for different applications and can be easily interchanged while maintaining drum balance.

Diamond Mowers will continue to roll out new drum mulching attachments throughout the year. In addition to the new excavator and boom drum heads, as well as the recently introduced Drum Mulcher OD Pro X, customers can anticipate enhancements to the company’s depth control drum, along with a low-flow skid drum.

To learn more about the Excavator Drum Mulcher or Boom Drum Mulcher, visit

The robotic mower manufacturer has added California-based Cal-Line Equipment to its growing roster of dealerships throughout the United States.

RC Mowers, a manufacturer of remote-operated robotic mowers, announced it has added another West Coast dealership to its expanding network with the onboarding of Cal-Line Equipment in California.

“Cal-Line has had a fantastic reputation as a top-notch equipment sales and service provider for nearly 40 years,” said Tim Kubista, vice president of sales and marketing for RC Mowers. “While they’re primarily known for the sale and rental of large tree-clearing equipment, their strong standing in the landscaping community makes them a welcome addition to the RC Mowers family.”

Cal-Line Equipment was founded in 1986 by Dennis G. Knoll in Livermore, California, as an equipment sales and service business for the tree and landscaping industries. In 2021, the family-owned company joined the Owen Family of Companies, which includes Owen Equipment and Blaze Equipment. The Knoll family is still involved in the daily operations of Cal-Line and continues to provide a wide range of woodchippers, stump grinders, horizonal grinders and whole-tree chippers.

“While we specialize in tree-clearing equipment, our roots are still very deep in the landscaping industry, and we envision RC Mowers’ products as the gamechanger in this market,” said Cal-Line President Denny Knoll. “These products will revolutionize landscaping as we know it, and we’re proud to be on board with such an innovative company.”

RC Mowers has been traveling throughout the United States on an extensive Great American Road Show to demonstrate its remote-operated mowers to dealers and potential customers. The success of this tour has resulted in sales growth that has exceeded projections and introduced their unique robotic mowers to potential dealers throughout the country.

In November, RC Mowers expanded its dealer network to the West Coast for the first time by adding Cal-Line’s sister company, Owen Equipment, in Washington and Oregon.

Kubista said dealers are carefully selected, provided with extensive training and supported by the RC Mowers team during the entire sales and post-sale cycle. With the addition of Cal-Line to the RC Mowers dealership line-up, the robotic mower manufacturer now has 25 dealers throughout the United States.

He will oversee the newly created South Carolina region.

Massey Services has promoted Reggie LaPiere to regional manager for the company’s South Carolina region.

LaPiere joined Massey Services in 2016 as a general manager in training before assuming the role of general manager for the Charleston services center. As general manager, LaPiere was responsible for growing a new service center territory while simultaneously developing numerous Massey team members into leadership positions throughout the area.

In his new role, LaPiere will oversee all of Massey Services’ service centers in South Carolina, including Greenville, Columbia, Charleston and Hilton Head Island, providing strategic leadership to more than 100 team members.

“Reggie has a proven track record of driving results through his commitment to total customer satisfaction,” said Tony Massey, president and CEO of Massey Services. “As a general manager in our Charleston location, he increased revenue by nearly 35% in 2021 and expanded our presence in a new territory. We look forward to his continued success in our newly created South Carolina region.” 

LaPiere is a graduate from Townson Uniersity with a bachelor’s degree in business.

The new granular fertilizer and water-soluble powder will replace the old NutriSmart product line.

Performance Nutrition is announcing its new NutriWise brand, a granular fertilizer and water-soluble powder (WSP) that will replace the old NutriSmart product line. The new products are available now for growers in agricultural, turf and ornamental markets.

NutriWise will be manufactured in the United States from components produced here. 

The biggest difference for customers will be assured U.S. sourcing and availability plus a better biofertilizer approach.

“With raw materials and fertilizer prices at an all-time high, now is the perfect time to move to alternative biofertilizers,” Kemmerer said. “They are more economically viable and environmentally sustainable and provide equal or better performance.”

Excavator Track Bushings NutriWise is available exclusively through the Performance Nutrition distribution network. Learn more about the product here.